The Art of the CMA

The Art of the CMA

The Art of the CMA: Win Hearts, Minds, and Loyalty by Mastering Real Estate’s Most Versatile Tool

“The Art of the CMA is outstanding — 27 years worth of wisdom presented with smarts and good humor. This book is a gift to any real estate professional that wants to think bigger.” – Brian Boero, 1000watt

The Art of the CMA is Available Now Greg Robertson Charles Warnock

But here we are, well into a tempestuous new decade—and real estate agents need a plan. Not just to stay relevant in the future, but to find new ways to grow and thrive, and to add value to your community. You need a plan to differentiate yourself or your team, and to move to the top of your local market and stay there.

It’s 2020 as I’m writing this, and our industry is rife with change. Tons of venture capital is being poured into real estate. It seems like new startups and business models are launching every month. Now homeowners can buy or sell their home with a click of a button. The emerging “iBuyer” model (short for “instant buyer”) promises speed, convenience, and less hassle. We will do a deep dive on iBuyers later in Chapter 9. 

Any success I’ve had in my life is because of REALTORS®. And that’s one reason I wrote this book. The REALTOR® community offers far more than education and professional standards and development. This community also is highly involved in important initiatives, including housing policy, diversity, and consumer advocacy.

The Art of the CMA shows you can earn as much as you like, doing the work you love

You’ve seen the top agents in your neighborhood. They go the extra mile each day to make their neighborhoods better places in which to live. I wanted to compile my experiences and share them with everyone who might benefit from them. In this book, we’ll break down how to properly create a CMA, what crucial items should be included, the top three things you should focus on at a listing presentation, pricing strategies, and a lot more. 

I’m also going to show you how CMAs can be the best tool you have to grow your real estate business. If you devote the necessary time and practice to understand the art of the CMA, as well as some science, you can place yourself exactly where you want to be: far ahead of your competitors. Here’s how CMAs can help you establish and grow your business, along with specific strategies you can start applying right away:

You can easily build a local presence and vital expertise by:

  • Offering local workshops on home valuations and pricing
  • Showing compelling data

You’ll win listing presentations by:

  • Helping sellers price their homes correctly from the start
  • Showing average days on market (DOM) 
  • Helping sellers understand net equity and proceeds
  • Helping sellers estimate selling costs and fees
  • Understanding the difference between CMAs and appraisals

You’ll understand whether Zestimates are friend or foe by:

  • Showcasing your value with a professionally prepared CMA
  • Highlighting key differences between automated valuations and a professional CMA
  • Keeping tabs on recent changes to the Zestimate’s algorithm and their impact

You’ll master effective real estate storytelling techniques by:

  • Sharing local real estate trends
  • Setting realistic seller expectations
  • Demonstrating how you arrived at fair market value

You’ll know how to offer quick or comprehensive CMAs for new prospects through:

  • Landing pages 
  • Blog posts
  • Email prospecting
  • Facebook and Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest boards

You’ll master how to approach buyer prospects by:

  • Helping buyers understand local home values and neighborhoods
  • Providing buyers with insights for better offers and effective negotiation
  • Showing prospects if the timing is favorable to buy

You’ll know how to win with iBuyers by:

  • Enabling sellers to compare iBuyer vs. traditional sales
  • Broadening your service offerings to include cash offers
  • Increasing certainty and convenience, and minimizing stress for sellers
  • Helping sellers understand net profits

One last thing I want to share with you. Try not to go it alone. Find a business partner, have a support system. I could not have done anything without the ongoing support of my co-founder Dan Woolley, and tribe of family & friends. There’s an old Turkish proverb that I think sums it up pretty well:

“No road is long with good company.”

You will have ups and downs, but keep at it. A career in real estate can be extremely rewarding on both personal and professional levels, but like anything, you have to stick with it. You’ve got to get up every morning, get out there and make it happen, day after dayeven when you’re not feeling it. The successful agents I’ve met in my life have taken different paths, but they all share the same story: they simply didn’t quit. I look forward to hearing your own success stories in the future.


The Art of the CMA is Available Now Robertson Warnock

By Greg Robertson and Charles Warnock
Foreword by Sharran Srivatsaa
Cover Design and Illustrations By Jesús Cardenas