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99% of cryptocurrencies are total scams?

So says author, entrepreneur and outspoken financier James Altucher. He also believes that the two main issues with cryptocurrencies are: 1: They are in a hype bubble 2: There are around 900 existing cryptocurrencies Still, he says the opportunity for investors is so immense–like the Internet in 1994–that he believes BC stands for “before crypto” and AC stands for after crypto. Money evolves, like anything else, and the natural evolution of money as a store of value to become easier to move, more secure, and more private, Altucher says in this post on Hacker Noon

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Everyone’s in digital mortgage these days

If you showed up at the recent Mortgage Bankers Association Technology Solutions Conference in Detroit without a digital mortgage platform, you didn’t get to sit at the cool kids’ table. SunTrust announced theirs shortly after Bank of America said its digital mortgage platform of its own, and following the digital mortgage platform launches of Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, CitiMortgage, Caliber Home Loans, United Wholesale Mortgage, Guild Mortgage, and others, according to Housingwire. It’s an dynamic landscape that’s getting more dynamic as Amazon is reportedly looking for someone to head up their planned mortgage division. A good pick for next year’s cool topic in mortgage tech? Blockchain.

Blockchain: Today, cryptocurrency and finance. Tomorrow, the world…

Blockchain first entered the news cycle a few years back as the platform supporting Bitcoin. And even as Bitcoin grabbed the spotlight for its remarkable growth and price swings, FinTechs began to imagine that blockchain technology might have broader applications in the financial world, with the potential to replace traditional banks, investment firms and credit agencies. Today blockchain has moved beyond the financial world to as a platform to support, government, education, retail, advertising, agriculture and more, according to Deloitte Insights.

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These FinTechs are helping people climb the ladder of financial inclusion

Tales of triple-digit growth and billion-dollar buyouts make great headlines for FinTech companies. But it can be easy to forget that those are first-world FinTech headlines. Those metrics have a different meaning to the approximately 90 percent of the world’s population residing outside of the so-called G7 nations. These seven nations include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA and represent more than 62% of global net worth but just 10% of the population. These Fintechs on a mission of financial inclusion bear watching because they are successfully leaping into global markets where traditional finance companies fear to tread. Read more at blog.

Hear that ticking? It’s the retirement time bomb (Infographic)

The world’s economists, politicians and possibly your own financial advisor have been reminding you for decades that an aging population that’s spending more years in retirement spells trouble. Led by the Boomers, the nations older population continues to, uh, boom. A census report called An Aging World: 2015  Americans over age 65 are nearly double over the next three decades, from 48 million to 88 million. And about a third of Americans report they have no retirement savings. Can FinTech defuse this bomb? It’s said that great challenges present great opportunities. If that’s true, preventing the looming retirement crisis could be the opportunity of a lifetime. See a full-size version of this infographic at Visual Capitalist.

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