Content marketing for future growth, by Charles Warnock

Here are some examples of published content I’ve created and participated in. The assets included blog posts, ebooks, reports, a book, and other thought leadership content. Topics include enterprise innovation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, blockchain, 3D printing, digital manufacturing and more.  Contact us to learn more.

Book: Future Ready: A Changemakers’s Guide to the Exponential Revolution 

Excited to have published my first book project as a co-author, editor, and promoter. Author Nick Davis is the prior VP of Enterprise Solutions and the current Faculty Chair for Corporate innovation at Singularity University. In Future Ready, we share the actual frameworks Nick uses with clients and case-studies detailing how those enterprises have applied these strategies to leap ahead and stay there. A new-release bestseller on Amazon. Check out the book

Build Trust and Ignite Growth With Thought Leadership

How to build thought leadership in 2020? Tell data stories with evergreen content that people will refer to again and again. Conduct original research to create opportunities for co-publishing and partnerships to grow your audience. Publish long-form content through multiple channels. Depending on audience preferences, it can vary in length from tweets to white papers to full-length books. Create original models and frameworks: Infographics and data visualizations not only make concepts faster and simpler to grasp. Start building trust.

5G and the Small Cell Permitting Challenge: Are Governments Ready?

Constituents and business organizations of all types demand it, and the world’s largest telecom carriers are actively rolling out 5G infrastructure and equipment that skyrocket internet speeds up to 100 times faster than current 4G networks. The Federal Communications Commission supports it. Now it’s up to government agencies to meet the regulatory challenges of quickly and efficiently deploying 5G to their constituents. See this GovTech post

Trust in the Age of Digital Transformation: An Interview with Charles Green

Three headlines from Green’s Trust Equation Assessment stand out: First, women score higher than men in trustworthiness by a significant amount. Second, the most-trusted profession is not teachers, not doctors, not clergy—nursing is the consistent winner.  Finally, in analyzing data from 70,000 people, we learn the strongest factor of trustworthiness is intimacy. Check out the interview post.

Five Surprising Use Cases For Blockchain

Currently, more than 60% of blockchain’s value is focused in the financial sector, but creative use cases like the ones we’ve seen here are driving broader adoption across all types of industries, from cannabis to jewelry provenance, to weddings, funerals and democratic elections. Blockchain is just one of the transformative technologies that is shaking up the status quo in every industry—including yours. Learn more.

The Longest Lever: Is AI the Most Transformative Technology?

How do we move from mystery to mastery in an AI-powered world? Although it seems that every technological advance arrives with a generous helping of hype, artificial intelligence could be the rare case of an exponential technology that has the power to change the world well beyond what we can currently imagine. So how much of AI and related technologies, like machine learning and deep learning, is truly transformative, and how much is hype? Learn more.

Here are the Most Important Skills in the Future of Work

With apologies to William Gibson, the future of work is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. The most successful future careers will belong to humans who don’t sit back and wait for organizations to re-organize — those who begin now to optimize their skills to leverage technology to be more effective and create unique value. So what types of skills are in demand, and which are becoming less valuable? Learn more.


The Exponential Guide to Blockchain: A blockchain primer for non-technical executives

Whenever a transformative technology emerges with the potential for large-scale industry disruption, you can expect a generous amount of buzz and hype. Blockchain is one such technology, and it holds the potential to transform not just every commercial industry—but the traditional foundations of government, academic, and non-profit sectors of our global economy, as well. Check out the guide.

Lessons in Bold Innovation From Apollo 13

Size matters. We have been exploring the unique challenges that large organizations face on their transformation journeys for some time now. The size and complexity of large organizations can be both a blessing and a curse. Established organizations often have deep pockets and considerable domain expertise to support their transformation initiatives. Achieve escape velocity in your own organization.

The Innovation Leader’s Checklist for Success

In today’s highly competitive economy, technology advances at an exponential pace, and companies seem to form and fail overnight. Defining exactly what innovation means is more critical than ever. Many traditional businesses—and entire industries—face disruption from innovative startups and other competitors that have built game-changing solutions on top of exponential technologies. Check out the innovation checklist.

The Exponential Guide to Artificial Intelligence

From Siri to IBM’s Watson to Hollywood portrayals of killer robots, it’s not clear what we should ultimately expect from this exponential technology. An AI primer for non-technical executives and innovation leaders. learn more

Can Humans Use Artificial Swarm Intelligence to Make Smarter, Faster Decisions?

Charles Warnock interview with Louis Rosenberg, a prolific inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur who developed Swarm AI, a new technology that combines real-time human insights and AI algorithms. Will Swarm AI replace surveys and focus groups in the future? See the interview

Which Industries Are Likely to Face Digital Disruption?

We’ve gone from a world that’s framed in local and incremental progress to one that’s global and exponential. Machine learning and other AI-related technologies are driving massive change in every industry, as they merge and converge with other exponential technologies.  View disruption 

Visiting the Future with Thomas Frey of the DaVinci Institute

Formerly an engineer at IBM for 15 years, Frey now works to develop original research at the DaVinci Institute in areas not normally addressed by futurists. See why Thomas is one of the world’s most popular futurist speakers. Visit the future

How to Power up Your Growth Strategy in the New Data Economy

Once stored, ignored, and relegated to servers and spreadsheets, data is having its rockstar moment in 2019. While data has always been important, and recently abundant—it has not been easy to manage or to actually apply in solving business problems and challenges. View the post

Power, Speed, and Peril: Welcome to the World of Algorithms

The algorithmic economy continues to grow at a remarkable pace. The emergence of self-learning algorithms that are used to write others means even more powerful and sophisticated algorithms are on the way. See the post

Reinventing the Enterprise in the Age of Exponentials

Ebook on emerging and converging exponential technologies driving change, actionable future growth frameworks, and the lessons of organizations that have achieved lasting success View ebook

Exponential Possibilities in Equipment Manufacturing

Exponential and emerging technologies are transforming the world of manufacturing before our eyes, more rapidly and radically than we could have expected. This ebook examines the impact of the exponential technologies fueling these shifts, and some of the people and organizations leading the charge See the ebook

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: A Powerful Combination for Future Growth

In 2018, 32 companies that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for their core business surpassed the $1 billion valuation mark. These rising stars and the tech giants all have developed mastery at the intersection where big data meets AI. See the post

Driving Competitive Advantage With Data and Artificial Intelligence

The exponential technology wars are heating up as the AI-powered “haves” are outpacing the “have-nots” in implementing AI solutions to automate processes, augment human capabilities, and deliver breakthrough products. These AI pioneers can realize a nearly insurmountable competitive advantage. Read the post

Future-Ready Checklist: Seven Habits of Highly Exponential Enterprises

Future  business models will include new ways of humans working side-by-side with AI algorithms and technologies that have yet to be invented. Here is a checklist to help enterprise organizations find their true north and avoid the wrong turns that can slow their journey toward exponential growth.  See the habits